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“Great day in the woods! One of the best new adventures out there, for sure and can’t wait for the next one.”

“…my wife and I had a great time at the Krell Adventure Games. I hope they will be back in the area.”

“I thought the length and format were great. It definitely forces you to choose your own path, and pay attention to time management.”

“Chris and I had a blast and will spread the word for 2014. It was a great day and a really fun concept.”

“We had a blast at the race! Our strategy was just to do every obstacle, regardless of time haha, and we had a good time doing so. Can’t wait until you announce your next event.. We will definitely be taking part! And now that we have experienced this type of race, perhaps we will even have a bit better of a strategy.”

“I liked the nonlinear format. It made you think more, and have to try to plan and work as a team. This could have worked out really well for us, if we had a better plan. lol.. But I would like the next one to be nonlinear as well.”

“We had a blast on the race! So much fun…”

“I think the non-linear format was really cool. It allowed each team to make decisions, in terms of strategy, which then had a big impact on their resulting times. If it were linear then it would just have been a trail run with obstacles and challenges. With the non-linear format you were forced to make decisions…which we liked a lot and gave us hope that we could ‘make up time.’”

“Overall, great race.”

“i have to say everything was so well done from trail markings to the staff at the challenges. the paracord bracelets were way better than a dinky medal.
i can’t wait for your next event!…
…umbrella, surfboard, cupcake, turtle, goldfish, ice cream cone, star, bike, crap what was the last one?!”

“It was awesome guys we had a blast”

“Thank you so much for letting us experience krell adventures. We had an awesome time. We told all of our friends and family about it and how much fun we had… We will definitely attend another event. It truly was an awesome experience. You guys did a great job!”

“great job. it was real fun and my wife absolutely loved it.”

“We had a blast. From tech shirt to post race beer…it was so well put together. The course was perfect too. I will bring my scuba gear next year.”

“Can’t wait til next year!”

“Just wanted to say thank you guys for hosting such a fun event today! We had a blast and look forward to racing in it again next year!”